"I am a licensed psychotherapist that treats trauma. There are times the client needs are beyond a therapist's capabilities. I went to see Gib for an old issue I thought was resolved but reared its head lately. Gib's talents allowed me to let it go and replace it with values more aligned with who I am today. I have not felt this light and joyful in years. I feel the old me coming back. I highly recommend him. "
"Gib has an amazing beautiful gift. He is very kind, caring, and professional. Any time I've had a session to connect with a loved one it has brought great healing and enlightenment. The messages brought forth are very clear and concise. I feel very safe and comfortable with Gib and completely at ease asking any questions. He is also very respectful and an excellent communicator. Would highly recommend him to anyone considering to connect with a loved one for a wonderful experience. "
"Easy, calm and peaceful person and attitude. Makes the experience easy to interpret and very clear in his reading. Highly recommend!!!"
"I was extremely blessed to have had a reunion with my beloved father thanks to Gib's gift of mediumship. Our session was over the phone and I could immediately tell by his gentle voice the love and kindness he had in his heart. I sensed a form of respect he had for not only me but for the ones he was connecting with from the other side. Gib was patient and detailed while he was giving me the messages from my beloved father. He cared enough to allow me to express myself during those intense emotions of love and awe that I felt during our session.  I will forever be grateful to God that he brings people like Gib into our lives to help individuals like myself get through the grieving process!  I not only cherish the time I had with my beloved father through Gib, but I also cherish the recording of our session. I can play that recording at any time and it takes me back to that beautiful moment in time!  So thankful for Gib!"
Gib, you gave me a reading back in January, and I just wanted to say...wow. It is almost 9 months later, and although I'm sure you don't remember the details of the reading, you could not have been more accurate. Time is what tells, that's for sure! I just wanted to thank you again. So many blessings to you!
"I have seen a number of psychic mediums for guidance and connection to loved ones over the years.  But Gib was able to connect with a loved one who was still alive at the time but getting ready to pass over.  By communicating with my family member’s higher self, Gib provided me with closure on a number of issues related to his inevitable passing and the related major decisions I was facing.  When he passed on a few weeks later, I was able to honor his life rather than focus on his death without the burden those issues would have caused me.  It was truly a once in a lifetime gift to have that reading.  Since then Gib has provided me psychic guidance readings and each one is always exactly spot on.  It’s not always what I want to hear but it’s always what I need to know before making the next step on a block or challenge I’m dealing with.  And what makes his readings so very special to me is how Gib also provides spiritual counseling during each of his readings.  He has a keen ability to tune into, without my saying much of anything, the core emotions and concerns I’m dealing with at that precise time.  With tact and sincere concern he provides guidance not only from my guides and angels but as a genuine person who is speaking not from ego but his higher self at all times.  This is rare.  Not all psychic mediums operate equally.  To this day, if I need honest, to the point and accurate spiritual insight, Gib is who I turn to.  After a reading with him I always know in my heart that I have just received a loving message from my guides.  I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to walk away with that feeling—and the beautiful and divinely guided insights that he channels from above." 
Gib is a kind and conscientious person. From the first time I wrote to him he treated me with love and respect. My reading was very in depth. We covered a lot of ground and I felt heard and cared for during our conversation. His reading was quite helpful. It's clear that his intention is to be of service and that he views it a privilege to work in this realm. I highly recommend a session with him.