• What is the difference between an Intuitive Session and Medium Session?

An Intuitive session is when I connect with your energy and receive messages from your angels and guides on matters important to your life purpose.  A Medium Session is when I connect with your departed loved ones with messages coming directly from them. 

  • Can I bring family/friends?

If you are ok with receiving messages for others and maybe not receiving messages for yourself, then it is fine. Angels and loved ones come through when they see the opportunity and won't let the fact that only one of you asked for a reading get in their way (smile)! Please try to attend alone if you want a strong connection for yourself. Only one friend or family member may be present if you decide to have someone join you.

  • Will You Record the Reading?

Although I do record and email you a copy, malfunctions happen on occasion. Therefore, I only offer courtesy copies and do not guarantee them. Please feel free to record the session as well.

  • Can You Guarantee A Connection?

I cannot guarantee connection with your loved ones. Free will continues beyond the physical life on earth and just as in the earthly life, our loved ones can decide who, when, what and how they will communicate. I have yet to encounter a session in which a connection was not made and at least one loved one, guides or angels have shared messages.

  • What if I have questions after the reading that I forgot to ask?

I encourage you to ask questions during the reading while the energy is conducive. You can email questions afterwards but it may be up to a week before I respond due to my schedule. I will not be able to answer from a psychic perspective as I am no longer actively in the energy that was present at the reading.

  • What Can I Do To Prepare?

I recommend a few days prior to your appointment that you set the intention on who you want to have join us and what topics you want to address. Requesting that they join us for our meeting is often helpful to the success of our session. Although, which loved ones come through cannot be guaranteed, your intention is powerful and when made clear (just as in our earthly lives) it can set expectations and encourage loving participation from others. I look forward to speaking with you soon!   

Much Love!  ~Gib