About Gib

I have always known that I had a gift, but it wasn’t until the death of a friend that I decided to learn more about this gift.  After my friend passed, I wanted to connect with him. I made the decision to have a conversation with him, leading to a very surreal experience of my friend stepping forward and speaking with me.  At the time, the experience felt beyond my imagination.  

I felt his presence again while at a mutual friend’s house.  Only this time, I heard a voice saying “Ask her if she wants to talk to him.”  I remember feeling amazed and dumbfounded by this voice, but I didn’t feel safe enough to facilitate a conversation.  After I told my friend what had happened, her immediate reply was “Why didn’t you let me talk to him?” Her response told me I needed to explore this gift more!

Through my years of guiding intuitive and mediumship sessions, I have seen how none of us are really broken or in need of repair.  We simply need help and guidance.

This work matters to me because of the positive impact it has on others and their daily lives.  I am in constant amazement of this process, witnessing validations before, during and after readings.  Ultimately, my goal in doing this work is to bring light to others and show how there is more going on out there than what we can see, feel or touch.  In addition to doing readings, I enjoy teaching others how to connect with their own innate gifts. I believe we all have the gift of connecting with the spirit and the divine, and I love to show others how to connect with that gift!