My Services



Coaching sessions provide guidance around setting your intentions, relationships, daily challenges, triggers, core issues and spiritual guidance.  I don’t believe that any of us are broken.  I don’t believe that any of us need to be fixed.  Together we will move you through a very natural and intuitive process to help you become the best version of yourself.   If you are ready to book or would like more information about my coaching please email me at or feel free to call or txt at 512-771-1285. 

Energy Assessment

Think of an energy assessment as a full exam for your mind, body and spirit. During the assessment I check your Chakras and Endocrine Glands to determine if the energy centers are balanced.  I also access the internal energy to check on things such as concrete blocks, past life energy, karmic energy, entities, childhood traumas and energetic imprints.  In the external energy I check your aura, see if there are any contracts, pacts or agreements up for release, any external influence, or emotional residue.  I also check the multidimensional bodies, organ channels for clogs, and test your polarity.  All in all this is an extremely thorough assessment that can lead us directly to core issues.  If you are interested in booking a energy assessment you can call me at 512-771-1285 or email at

Intuitive Session

During this session, loving and supportive presences and guides are called upon to bring clarity and insight.  This information is applied to issues or intentions you or your guides bring to the table. These sessions can bring light and love to a multitude of areas including (but not limited to) energy fields, heart frequency,  chakra vitality, etc.  Based on your intentions, the session will highlight areas in which you request, as well as provide clarity to feelings and information that you hold in your mind and body.  To book please please email me at or feel free to call or txt at 512-771-1285.

Mediumship Reading

Medium sessions are an opportunity to call in information from deceased loved ones.  Generally, anywhere from 1 to 5 loved ones will make themselves present and heard, and most of them come with detailed messages and offerings.  I serve as a channel who provides information based on what your loved one shares with me.  In addition there is always a healing message to provide and pass on.  Medium sessions can be done by phone or in person, last 1 hour and can be recorded.  To book please email me at or feel free to call or txt at 512-771-1285.


Have a question?  Feel free to email me at or call/txt @ 512-771-1285.