Energy Assessment


Everything in our world is composed of energy.  While we may not “see” energy, we are constantly interacting and experiencing all types of energy in our daily lives.  Think of an energy assessment as a full check-up for your mind, body, and spirit. Done remotely, I start energy assessments with internal energies, such as the Chakras and endocrine glands, to determine if your body’s energy centers are in balance.  I also search for internalized concrete blocks, soul fragmentation due to trauma, energetic imprints, karmic energy, and energy carried over from past lives. Assessments also identify external influences that might affect you such as contracts, pacts or agreements ready for release, emotional residue, and attachments.  The multi-dimensional bodies will be checked, identifying obstructed channels and polarity issues.  

After completing your assessment, I will email the results and setup a short phone call to discuss my findings and how these energies might be manifesting in your daily life.  Having an awareness of the energies within and around you illuminates the core issues that affect you and your relationships with others.  All in all, this assessment is a great place to start recognizing opportunities for growth and positive change!

Energy assessments are performed remotely and cost $50. Once the assessment is completed and discussed over the phone most clients chose to move forward with an intuitive session to address any issues brought forward from the energy assessment.

When you are ready to book please email me at or voice/txt me at 512-771-1285.